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HBO Documentary 'Lucky' Explores the Lives of Lotto Winners

Despite the probability of winning the lottery (Approximately one in 195 million) many lucky lottery players are finding themselves instant millionaires. All lottery players desire that big win and wonder exactly what it could be prefer to become instantly rich. A new documentary on HBO titled 'Lucky' analyses some lottery winners and world. The documentary would be the product of director Jeffrey Blitz who interviews several lo9tto winners whose world has become transformed by instant riches. Some winners were skilled at handling money yet others wasn't. One winner squandered all his winnings in a very relatively limited time. The 90 minute documentary explores how are you affected a number of lottery winners.

Vietnamese immigrant Quang Dao who won the most significant jackpots in lottery history as well as seven coworkers at the Lincoln Nebraska meat packing plant exhibits the 4 McMansions they are building son that his children and grandchildren might be near him. After the fall of South Viet Nam inside the 1970's Quang Dao and the family escaped in the war torn country by boat and reached the united states without a penny. In their made to order fireplace hearth Quang and the wife produce an etched drawing with the refugee boat they escaped in. The story from the Dao loved ones are heartwarming as well as the Dao household is truly grateful because of their good luck.

The disadvantage of lotteries can be covered. A Delaware working mother named Verna can also be a gambling addict who spends $70 to $100 dollars every day buying lottery tickets hoping a major win. Verna picks her lottery numbers on 'magical' thought and other superstitious beliefs. There is usually the happy story of Kristine and Steven White who lived in New Jersey and won $110 million in 2004 playing the Pennsylvania lottery. Initially the happy couple lived inside same house as well as their teenage son still worked with a takeaway food restaurant. The Whites used a part of their winnings to make available school funding to sick children. When director Blitz interviews the bride and groom per year later they've got moved in a private compound in Florida and Steve keeps a racecar collection.

The cautionary tale of Buddy, an early firefighter who website squandered all his winnings is sobering. Buddy is penniless and determined by an oxygen tent along with the kindness of friends. The documentary presents both parties of big lottery wins along with the good or bad experience a massive lottery payout would bring.

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